Revolutionising Supercar Pitstops: Our Biggest Deal Yet.

Revolutionising Supercar Pitstops: Our Biggest Deal Yet.

We are elated to finally share a secret we've been keeping for the last year. A contract so big that it kept us busier than a gear box around Bathurst.

It's time to tell the world that Rampage was chosen to be the control hydration supplier for the new Gen3 Supercars! Every single car will have our system! 

Head of Motorsport for Supercars Adrian Burgess said it was Rampage's reputation that helped them make the decision. 

“Supercars chose to work with Rampage to supply the control drinks system for Gen 3, due to its Australian heritage, its proven track record, and Rampage’s willingness to make a system specifically to our unique requirements," Burgess said. 

Rampage's Managing Director Mike Elkington said it means a lot to the business. 

"It's such an honour and compliment to how good our drink systems are that they were selected above all others to be the only system each driver will use throughout the 2023 season and into the future."

"Our family run business, based on the Gold Coast, has taken over the biggest racing category in the country. To say we are thrilled is an understatement," Elkington said. 

Keeping each driver hydrated is very important to us. History shows what a broken drink system, unplugged drink hose, or dehydrated driver can do for the outcome of a race. For the teams who haven't run a drink bottle style unit, using our famous quick-change bottle will revolutionise how they tackle the drink component of a pitstop. 

Last year in Adelaide, Todd Hazelwoods pitstop turned into a near catastrophe, when the water hose was not fully released as the car departed its pit bay. This error cost MSR $5,000 and 30 Championship points. We won't be seeing anything like that happen ever again! 

We've been in fifth gear upgrading our RamHydrate Pro to Supercars specification, which includes larger 1.25L capacity drink bottles, to suit each team's requirement. Plus our insulated bottles will keep the drivers fluid cool, no more warm water! 

In December, the teams received the systems and we were blown away by their response. With fresh livery, and sleeker design, everyone agrees that they look as good as the new Gen3 cars themselves.

Up and down pitlane, Supercars teams have been working their lug nuts off getting their Gen3 Mustangs or Camaros ready to hit the track for official testing at Sydney Motorsport Park on February 22nd.  Ahead of the first big race of the year in Newcastle on March 10-12. 

It's going to be hot and thirsty in those Gen3's that's for sure. Bring it on! 

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